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[SK E&C] SK E&C won 19 billion dollar gas plant project in Saudi Arabia 2011-02-17

SK E&C won 19 billion dollar “Wasit gas plant construction project” in Saudi Arabia and signed a contract of three main packages of the project.

This project consists of four packages in total and the bidding is handled by Aramco, a Saudi Arabian national oil company. Among these packages, SK E&C has exclusively won three packages including construction of gas handling facilities, sulfur recovery unit and utilities facilities and natural gas liquids (NGL) separating facilities. This is a turn-key project – a project is constructed by a developer and sold to a buyer in a ready-to-use condition - which includes engineering, procurement and construction (E.P.C) processes. The construction period is expected to be 38 months and it will be completed in 2014.

Wasit gas plant will be built around the Gulf coastal area at 50km north of Al-Jubayl, the biggest industrial city in Saudi Arabia. On completion, approximately 70 million ㎥ of natural gas drilled from “Arabiyah gas field” and “Hasbah gas field” under the Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia will be processed and available for domestic use.

Including this project, SK E&C has consistently won huge projects in Saudi Arabia for last 3 years and is now working on four projects amounted to 3.3 billion dollars in total. SK E&C has had great advantage in constructing oil, petrochemical and power plants and as the company has successfully advanced into another field, the gas plant construction, it will also be able to enhance its business portfolio.

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